TK-5230 / TK-5330 / TK-5430

TK-5230 / TK-5330 / TK-5430

6W VHF, 5W UHF, 3W 700/800, P25 Conventional/Trunked, 1W Loudspeaker, 4000 Channels, TFT LCD Display, GPS, Bluetooth, DES and optional AES Encryption, microSD for Voice Recording. IP-67/68 MIL-STD-810 c/d/e/f/g.

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The TK-5430 is EFJohnson's take on Kenwood's 5000 series radios. EFJohnson included all the popular features of the 5000 series stripping out the NXDN capability. The TK-5430, much like the rest of the Kenwood digital radio line is software defined so NXDN capabilities can readded to the product at a later date of the customer's choosing through their vendor.