Unication G1 and New G4 Fire and Rescue Pagers

In so many firehouses across the nation, above the chief’s desk, the wall is covered with awards honoring the bravery of the men and women that serve their communities, the men and women that go above and beyond the call of duty, the men and women that accidentally dropped a nine hundred dollar fire pager into a port-a-tank. Above the chief’s desk, up the wall and to the left is a plaque with a shelf honoring the thousands of dollars of taxpayer money blown on waterlogged pagers and equipment.

Seeing pictures of firemen at work and the capricious adversity they face on a daily basis it’s a miracle more pieces of equipment aren’t damaged in the process.  Firefighters depend on hundreds of gallons of water every day to do their job, is it any wonder that someone goes bobbing for a missing pager in a water tank once in a while? Moreover, this begs the question; shouldn’t the fire pagers be durable enough to handle this kind of treatment?

Five minutes of pager bobbing later the shorted out piece of radio equipment was retrieved never to receive a broadcast again. Instead it rests up and to the left above the chief’s desk as a reminder to all rookie firefighters that they too have the opportunity to be honored for both bravery and equipment damages.

The answer to all these instances of pager grief is Unication’s G-series pagers. The Unication G1 is becoming more and more popular among fire departments for good reason and not just because you’ll never see one resting above the chief’s desk after a swim. The G1 is designed top to bottom with a rugged waterproof housing to face down any adversity. In addition to surviving drastic temperature changes the G1 was the first fully submersible fire pager (submersible up to 1 meter for 30mins).

Unication just introduced the G4 pager to the market in Michigan. The G4 is the first P25 700/800 MHz pager available on the market. Michigan’s P25 radio network is a fully digital emergency communications network managed by Michigan’s Public Safety Communications System (MPSCS). MPSCS is pioneering a lot of exciting new technologies in public safety radio communications based on the P25 emergency standards allowing for more interoperability between state radios at the local and regional level. Local and regional digital talk groups are created from public safety departments’ radio IDs. This means a department can configure their two way radio or pager to instantly switch modes of operation from local digital talk groups [or local analog] to a regional talk group to listen in on neighboring departments for mutual aid situations.

The G1 and G4 both come with a record and playback feature which is great for mutual aid situations when you can just play back the calls as many times as you need to get an unfamiliar address instead of having to ask over the air for repeat directions. In fact, what sets the G1 and G4 apart from other fire pagers are the plethora of features that come standard to be configured at the hands of the end user. This is a major advantage for departments thinking of switching pagers as the G1 and G4 can be customized to virtually mirror the settings of your old system for as smooth a transition as possible and then offer your personnel as much flexibility as you want to further customize them.

Several notorious features really set the G1 and G4 apart from the rest of the fire pager market pushing them to the forefront of the competition.

The Backlit Front Screen Display is big and makes the selected channel easily visible for firefighters working in dark environments. The screens can be programmed to display the department’s and fireman’s information, if the pager gets lost it can easily be identified and returned to it’s owner.

Voice Recording and Replay Options make life infinitely easier. The pagers switch into record mode as soon as the two tone page goes out, they automatically mute the squelch you’d normally have to listen to if the dispatcher takes a while to start talking. The page is recorded so you can replay the page as much as you want if you miss a critical piece of information. You can set the pager to require a press and hold on the replay button so you don’t have to worry about accidentally bumping the playback button on the job.

Pagers Come with 2 Year and Optional 3 Year Extended Warranty for $79 bumping you up to an exceptional 5 year warranty for equipment that has to suffer some of the harshest working conditions of any job.

Extra Sensitive Antenna extends your paging range noticeably and has better coverage in buildings and structures that typically pose a problem for pager reception.

Rugged Submersible Rubber Housing lets these pagers take a beating in the field. Shock resistance, scratch resistant screen, dustproof and you can wash the thing off under the tap after spending hours tearing through soot, ash and drywall.

G1 Uses Rechargeable AAA Batteries making them quick and easy to replace and significantly cheaper than having to order and wait on a proprietary battery. It can use disposable AAAs in a pinch as well.

Scan mode allows users to listen to analog transmission on the frequency band the G1 is configured for. Personnel can configure this to listen in on public frequencies like a radio, even if they are away from their home area they will still know what’s going on.

The P25 G4 works similarly, allowing the user to listen to different emergency talk groups even if they’re away from their home area. The talk groups in this case are programmed into the radio via the MPSCS. The G4 is also designed to support all options for MPSCS talk group configurations like P25 Trunking where the transmission bands are dynamically assigned and broadcast to a specific talk group instead of monopolizing a single band. The G4 is also future proofed to a large degree by its software defined design. As more features like Trunking become available they can be added to the G4 via a software download so you don’t have to worry about your pagers becoming immediately obsolete as new communications standards become available.



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