Emergency Management Newsletter – Second Edition

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Emergency Management Newsletter – Second edition.
P25 Phase 2. Are you ready?

Many first responders in the country are now using P25 two way radios, but many don’t know what P25 is. (If you’re not using VHF/UHF or 800 MHZ P25 radios feel free to forward to others who are. You may also want to read our REVISED Inaugural Edition regarding satellite phones.) P25 stands for Project 25 which was created jointly by the National Association of State Telecommunications Directors (NASTD), the Association of Public Safety Communications Officials International (APCO), and the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA). Project 25 was designed to create communications standards in voice and data communications to facilitate interoperability across cities, states and around the country. It was also designed to have open architecture so that any manufacturer that could meet the standards could compete in the market, allowing innovation and competition.

It was especially designed to meet the needs of public safety personnel. The best document we’ve seen for P25 is from Daniels Electronics LTD and tells you all you want to know about P25.

P25 was primarily designed as a digital system, but is also designed to be backwards compatible, communicating with legacy analog radios. Digital generally talks about 20% farther than analog and penetrates buildings better. We are currently in Phase 1 of P25, which operates in 12.5 KHz bands for analog, digital or mixed mode radios. You are probably aware there was a mandate from the FCC for all radios to be “narrow banded: to 12.5 KHz by 12/31/2013. Phase 2 is going to take that a step further to the “very narrow band” spectrum–6 1/4 KHz to maximize channel space. Other roaming and interoperability requirements may also be required. No firm date has been scheduled yet for Phase 2, but newer radios are becoming available prepared with the technology to support the phase 2 transition, narrow banding, and future P25 benefits. Phase 2 radios will be backwards compatible with Phase 1 radios.

There is also new P25 standard in vocoders, (the device that converts your voice from analog to digital). The old standard was called IMBE (Improved Multi Band Excitation) and is still included in all Motorola XTS radios and in most other P25 radios designed 5 or more years ago. The new standard is called AMBE + 2. It reduces background noise and increases clarity over the old standard. The new vocoders also excel at filtering out unwanted background noise like sirens and gun shots.

Digicom Global, Inc. was founded in 1994 as a Kenwood dealer, a satellite phone supplier and a specialist in audio accessories for SWAT and public safety. You can purchase radios from TAIT, Motorola or other manufacturers, but in terms of quality and price, Kenwood is unmatched. For a very limited time we have a $100 rebate available on our new TK-5430 portable and TK-5930 800 MHz mobile. These P25 radios are the most full featured and rugged portables and mobiles available on the market. After state contract pricing these radios will be approximately $1300 each. Contact us for a personalized quote or a demonstration. Standard features include:

  • 65,000 color transflective display visibile under direct light and bright sunlight.
  • IP68 military spec, submersible to 2 meters for 30 minutes.
  • Loud 1 watt speaker portable and 4-40 watt available for mobile.
  • Bluetooth and GPS.
  • DES encryption.
  • 3 year warranty standard.
  • Optional Kenwood exclusive, 32 GB Micro SD playback feature–allowing users to record and playback all conversations at any time.

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