Emergency Management Newsletter – 4th Edition

Emergency Management Newsletter – 4th Edition

Digicom Global, Inc. is your emergency management communication specialists. We specialize in satellite, paging and radio communications devices.

October 23rd was a very exciting day for emergency management folks in Michigan. The MPSCS eliminated subscriber fees for Michigan radios. A onetime, $250.00 per fee per new radio will replace the semi-annual charges.

The same day the state approved the new Unication G4 800 MHz pager. Michigan is the first state in the US to pioneer this 800 MHz P25 technology. It works on the MPSCS system, but instead of using 2 tone sequential, it uses the radio talk group IDs. This will be a game changer for a lot of public safety organizations, particularly for those who have experienced reduced range from VHF/UHF pagers due to narrow banding.

The G4 works much like a P25 radio does except that it can’t transmit. You can page it and also monitor your radio traffic. It’s ideal for mutual aid as it can receive anywhere your 800 MHz radio has reception.

The new Unication G4 will be available first in 700/800 MHz, followed shortly thereafter by dual band VHF and UHF units. They are IP67, submersible and dustproof and have a ruggedized housing. It also features:

  • P25 trunking & Conventional
  • 2800 mAh LiIon battery
  • Text messaging capability
  • 32 minutes memo & Voice storage
  • Out of range alert
  • Bluetooth
  • 2 year warranty / 3 year Addition Available

The new Unication dual band pagers will be available in April 2016!

Unication also manufactures a G1 Pager in VHF/ UHF that is IP 67, submersible, dustproof and have a ruggedized housing, plus:

  • Has the most sensitive receiver in the market
  • Has rechargeable batteries & takes disposable batteries
  • 16 minutes Memo & Voice storage
  • Bluetooth
  • 2 year warranty/ 3 year Addition Available
  • $100.00 Trade in on Minitor Pagers or BUY 10 get 1 FREE until 12/31/2015

Last, but not least, Kenwood announced a new high end 800 MHz radio that exceeds the specifications of anything else on the market. The new Kenwood TK-5430 features:

  • FIRST SOFTWARE DEFINED radio on the market, meaning you can add in feature or future feature at anytime.
  • 65,000 COLOR transflective display, that you can see in bright sunlight
  • 32 GB MICRO SD CARD lets you record and playback all conversations right from the radio.
  • LOUD 1 WATT audio and a GRAPHIC EQUALYZER that lets you adjust TX & RX in loud environments.
  • SMART BATTERIES and chargers
  • UP TO 4000 channels

And much more for as little as $1300.00 after MiDEAL state contract pricing. If you want pricing or demos of any of these products contact us at 248-866-6000 or email sales@digicomglobal911.com.

Digicom Global was founded in 1994 as a Kenwood & EF Johnson dealer, a satellite phone supplier and a specialist in audio accessories for SWAT and public safety. You can buy public safety radios from Harris, Motorola and others, but for quality and price Kenwood and EFJ are unmatched. In case you didn’t know, Kenwood bought EF Johnson this year and moved all the manufacturing to Japan.

Available Now: Unication G1, first submersible, vhf/uhf/low band pager
G1 Pager view brochure.
Available Now: Unication G4, first of its kind, 700/800 MHz P25 pager
G4 Pager view brochure.

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