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Iridium Phone: How to Setup Your Satellite Phone

Iridium Phone Setup There are 2 types of Iridium phones, base stations for in building use and portable phones. Iridium  models are the RST-100 and a 9555 portable handheld satellite phone.  During emergency situations, there are possible scenarios that could … Continue reading

Find the best 2 Way Radio Batteries

Digicom Global carries OEM 2 way radio batteries for both Kenwood Radios and Motorola 2-Way radios and we also private label our own brand of batteries. We use only the best Japanese cells in our batteries, and offer the same … Continue reading

How to select the best satellite phone plan

You have decided to purchase a satellite phone for travel to remote areas or as an emergency backup  in case of natural or man-made disasters. How do you pick a rate plan? First you have to pick a satellite phone … Continue reading

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How to use the Globalstar Phones Call Times Tool

Using the Globalstar Phones call times tool is a simple as point and click. Go to or simply click on the link on the lower right hand side of this site. Click on “I accept the terms of use.” … Continue reading

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Comparing Globalstar Phones and Iridium Phones

Globalstar Phones and Iridium Phones – Advantages and Disadvantages We often get questions about the right satellite phone to buy.  The two main products Globalstar phones and Iridium phones have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Below is a list of … Continue reading